Is A-level Mathematics Difficult?

A level Mathematics is one of the most challenging A level Exam, however, it is also the most popular A level subject. A level mathematics is an extremely versatile subject that students from various fields take as a facilitating subject. This article is specially written for those students who are wondering if they should be … Read more

What Are The Easiest A level Subjects?

Selecting your A level subjects can be one of the most important decisions in your life. When you are choosing you A-levels you don’t want to make your college experience miserable by choosing challenging and difficult subjects. The difficulty you experience when doing a subject depends on your interest in that subject, your natural ability … Read more

What Are The Most Respected A-Level Subjects?

The subject you choose at A-level greatly impact your future; we all have the power to decide which subjects to study, however, certain subjects get more respect and admiration from universities, colleges, family and friends. The traditional science and maths subjects are generally considered more academic, have heavier workloads, and tougher exams. As a result, … Read more

Is A level Economics Hard?

a level economics difficulty

A level Economics is a popular choice of many students since it is a highly respected A level and students studying Economics at A level and beyond have a very bright future. My experience with Economics has been really good. Although it is a highly regarded and valuable subject; many students struggle with it. A … Read more

Is Studying A Level Computer Science Worth It?

My fourth A level subject was Computer Science. I had never taken any kind of Computer Science classes before, despite that my experience of A level Computer Science has been extremely rewarding and fruitful. So, is A level Computer Science worth it? Studying A level Computer Science is definitely worth it as it will help … Read more